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We believe a single action can make a difference, and that collective action can have an even greater impact.

Our collaborative network across the Nation of healers, health care providers, massage therapists, gardeners, bee keepers, artists, educators, dancers, musicians, community leaders, and human beings believe in treating all beings with integrity, dignity, and respect at every stage of life and for every condition.

We strive to optimize the well-being of all, no matter the challenge, no matter the stage of life, while respecting the intricate web of symbiotic planetary destinies.

Support us in building our programs - like Healing Heroes - and ability to maximize resources to help those in need to live their fullest potential

in a healthy home, community, on a healthy planet.


Through Healing Heroes we are dedicated to the well-being of our Veterans, Active Duty and families who served our Nation's well-being through their service.





Meet some of OWN's Healing Heroes Team:

Justin Hughes

Tracy Penfield

Dr. B (with therapy dog, Lucy) ...


Justin Hughes, MS, LPC


Justin joined OWN through our partner Mountain View Physiatry in our effort to care for Veterans and their families under our Healing Heroes program. Justin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and owner of Abundance Healing mental health service based in N. Idaho with over a decade of experience in hospital based, residential, and private practice caring for Veterans. He provides both in person and tele-health services given Veteran preference and can address the full spectrum of mental health challenges including addictions. Justin is also experienced in and provides family based counseling services an important element for conditions such as healing from PTSD or addiction that impacts the whole family. He is particularly skilled at social re-integration including finding meaningful participation in one’s community and finding a career/work path as appropriate. .



Tracy Penfield, Creative Expression Facilitator

Founder of Safe Art, an organization that uses expressive arts to heal from trauma, and acclaimed author of “A Curriculum of Courage: Making SafeArt”, Tracy has over 50 years experience serving over 35 communities in the NE facilitating therapeutic recovery from both physical and mental trauma at the individual and group levels. She provides virtual private healing sessions using creative expression techniques for Veterans of Healing Heroes. 

Dr. B and Therapy Dog Lucy

Dr. B, Program Director for Healing Heroes, would rather talk about her therapy dogs or chickens than herself. Lucy was a gifted healer, and we are sad she departed for her final rest. Lucy's and her brother Bear's entry into being a therapy dogs was at the bedside of a stroke patient who had had not moved in two weeks since their stroke onset. The first time they moved was to pet Lucy and her brother Bear and receive puppy hand-kisses. The patient walked out of the rehab hospital, despite all thinking - well, not Dr. B, Lucy or Bear! This story exemplifies the hope that Dr. B (and her pet therapy friends) have for all and imparts to all, that it is possible to achieve more and live a fuller life. "Whatever it takes, it has to be found and gifted to those in need on their healing journey ..." Hence, Dr. B is a life-long learner who has studied and practices in very short Western medicine (Board Certified MD in Physiatry) and Eastern Medicine modalities. To learn more about her and her integrative rehabilitation medicine practice click here.

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