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We believe a single action can make a difference, and that collective action can have an even greater impact.

Our collaborative network across the Nation of healers, health care providers, massage therapists, gardeners, bee keepers, artists, educators, dancers, musicians, community leaders, and human beings believe in treating all beings with integrity, dignity, and respect at every stage of life and for every condition.

We strive to optimize the well-being of all, no matter the challenge, no matter the stage of life, while respecting the intricate web of symbiotic planetary destinies.

Support us in building our programs and ability to maximize resources to help those in need to live their fullest potential in a healthy home, community, on a healthy planet



Meet some of OWN's Idaho based Team:

David A. Smith

Sarah Withers and

Dr. B (with therapy dog, Lucy) ...

SW Fam.jpg

David A. Smith, MSW


David is a former Marine serving honorably from 1964-68, with 28 months of this service as a Marine Security Guard at the American Consulate General in Munich, Germany. His family is rich with dedication to the armed services. His Father served in the U.S. Navy (1917- 1919) on the USS New Mexico Battleship during WWI. Two brothers served during WWII and three brothers who served in the U.S. Army in Korean Conflict, the Air Force for over 20 years doing two tours of duty in Vietnam, and the third in the National Guard. His volunteerism for Veterans started as a boy raising money money for the American Legion by standing on the street corners of his small town of Ottumwa, Iowa. David became a Master’s level Social Worker after serving. In 1973 after graduation he moved to Missoula, assisting his friend a Vietnam Combat Veteran, Dan, start the Forgotten Warriors Post 101 in Missoula. They also marched in parades, presented remembrances on Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and other significant days with flag raising, speeches and flower displays being ceremonially thrown into local rivers and raised money and assisted local veterans in need. From 1976 – 1996 David served on a local board of Veterans to save the Vet Center in Missoula, which was in jeopardy of being dissolved by the Veterans Administration. We are blessed to have David as an active board member for Healing Heroes dedicated to Veterans and their well-being.



Sarah Withers

Sarah Withers has joined OWN to help our Healing Heroes program take stronger root and grow. She is originally from Davidson, North Carolina moving in 2015 to the Pacific Northwest to be closer to her mother Melissa who was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. Melissa and Dr. B had plans to embark on a journey together to provide medical services to vulnerable populations like our Veterans in the Pacific Northwest, but unfortunately, Melissa succumbed to her disease in February of this year (2021). When an opportunity presented itself for Sarah to join Dr. Buckalew’s team, she immediately jumped at the chance having heard all the positive things her mother had to say. Sarah is a word smith and excellent at communications with a background in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Passionate and skilled at teaching and caring for children, she also is a Pre School Teacher in Liberty Lake, WA and lives in Spokane Valley with her significant other Brandon and their 4 children. 

Dr. B and Therapy Dog Lucy

Dr. B would rather talk about her therapy dogs or chickens then herself. Lucy is a gifted healer. Her entry into being a therapy dog was at the bedside of a stroke patient who had had not moved in two weeks since their stroke onset. The first time they moved was to pet Lucy and receive a puppy hand-kiss. The patient walked out of the rehab hospital, despite all thinking - well, not Dr. B or Lucy! - they would be severely impaired for life. This story exemplifies the hope that Dr. B (and Lucy) has for all and imparts to all, that it is possible to achieve more and live a fuller life. "Whatever it takes, it has to be found and gifted to those in need on their healing journey ..." Hence, Dr. B is a life-long learner who has studied and practices in very short Western medicine (Board Certified MD in Physiatry) and Eastern Medicine modalities. To learn more about her and her integrative rehabilitation medicine practice click here.

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