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Response to COVID

OWN immediately at the start of the Pandemic in March 2020 accessed our network of physicians, nurses, and grass roots activists to support communities in critical need.

We cannot thank the donors who quickly came to this cause and generously assisted.

Together we are better.

Project NYC- HCW

For the NYC healthcare workers (HCW) trapped in the city with no place to go but for the hospitals, we sent shipments of food, antimicrobial cleaners, water filters, personal items (compression socks a big hit!) and paper bags for the unfortunate need to save N95s. 


Project Mask for Native Americans

Our network of seamstresses and nurses sewed masks that nearly matched an N95 mask protection level that were shipped to the Rosebud Sioux and Navajo Nations. Program Director, Neilly Buckalew, a former environmental health consultant for Tribes across the U.S now physician worked with her colleagues to get the materials together and masks out as quickly as possible to these hard hit Tribes. A special thanks to Dr. Min Lin who is tirelessly working for the Rosebud Nation and who with Dr. Buckalew was fearless in speaking out at the beginning of the Pandemic of HCW safety and supplying personal protective equipment (PPE).


More Networking ...

The HCWs who came to the aid of NYC, their experience was invaluable and their spirit unmatched! As their work in NYC winded down, we networked these amazing people we supported in NYC with the Navajo tribe through another organization COVIDCAREForce providing volunteer HCWs to the Tribe and other locations in the country.

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