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Healing Heroes

We are a growing national network with boots on the ground in North Idaho providing free services and support for disabled and at-risk Veterans and their families.  Below is our the story of how we got started with highlights of Healing Heroes resources and collaborations.

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"My father will forever be my Hero and inspired me to give all that I can to our Veterans." Dr. B

Our story ... 

When asked to complete VA disability compensation and pension (C&P) exams for Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury in the inland Pacific NW, founder Dr. Neilly Buckalew (Dr. B) wanted to provide free, comprehensive, easy access to care for our Veterans and support for their families as well. Her father served in the Army during the Cold War, and with him Dr. B experienced the challenges for Veterans in getting timely care and support especially in his elder years. Knowing this and the fact that there is no comprehensive TBI care for Veterans in inland PNW, Dr. B got to work ...

Disability Benefit Advocacy and Free Integrative Well-Being Care

Healing Heroes began with and continues to fully support Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD, chronic pain, and other disabilities navigate the Veteran's Administration C&P disability benefits process. In collaboration with Integrative Ability Medicine, Healing Heroes also provides free integrative wellness services to disabled and at-risk Veterans. Our care model begins with helping Veterans and their families understand their experience so that they can heal together, and teaches self-care skills to empower and sustain them on their healing journey. We weave together "low tech" and "high tech" interventions meeting the Veteran where they are at and empowering a healing journey for them and their families. Our high tech modalites include ApolloNeuro (see below) and Hyperbaric Medicine (click here to learn more). Low tech includes, yoga, mediation, exercise classes, pet therapy ... all fitted to a Veteran and their family's needs.


"Dr. B is an angel. No one had ever been so comprehensive and compassionate for Gary. She is our champion and was instrumental in Gary receiving full disability from the VA for his TBI."  Brenda 

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Our Network Partners ....

The Kroc Center has partnered with us providing free access to this extraordinary community wellness center for participants in the Healing Heroes rehabilitative care program for disabled Veterans and their families.  Once participants have completed the Healing Heroes program, Kroc provides scholarships to Veterans and their families for memberships at the gym. Click the underlined link above to learn more about the Kroc Center. 

Gold Star mother Theresa Harding started this organization as a healing journey after her son, Nichloas Newby, was killed in Iraq in 2011. Newby-ginnings provides basic necessities, essential household items, and a food pantry for Veterans, Active duty, and their families. There is a free Mobile VA social services clinic on site monthly. Newby-ginnings also provides, peer support, and referrals. We are collaborating with Newby-ginnings to build a comprehensive Veteran Community Center as "one-stop"place to receive support, well-being services as well as rehabilitative medical and mental healthcare by Mountain View Physiatry. Click underlined link above to learn more about Newby-ginnings.

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Mountain View Physiatry is a VA Community Care Network provider In North Idaho. Medical Director Dr. B is building a team of mental health therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and personal trainers to help Veterans heal from emotional and physical trauma. Healing Heroes and MVP collaborate to fill in gaps of care and overcome barriers to care by helping Veterans access their VA benefits for mental health and medical rehab services. MVP sees Veterans from N Idaho, E Washington, and W Montana. MVP supports total health and wellness working with Veteran primary care physicians and providers. MVP and Integrative Ability Medicine are the first location in N Idaho to offer Hyperbaric Medicine free to Veterans under Healing Heroes.  

Idaho Veterans Chamber of Commerce is a rapidly growing new community partner providing wrap-around services and a navigation networking hub for veterans, active-duty military personnel, and their families, providing community resources for education, housing, entrepreneurship, workforce management, family, and wellness services. We work with IVCC to secure referrals and tools for self-empowerment, as well as outreach and education programs on well-being for Veterans and their families with a focus on at-risk Veterans.

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Steven H Nipp Post 13

We partner with Post 143 to provide outreach and education programs on well-being, as well as onsite well-being services. The Legion hosts on-site MVP integrative rehabilitation medicine and MVP's mental health provider services for Veterans. We work directly with the Legion's highly experienced VSO and honorable Air Force Veteran, Merle Black, in assisting Veteran's access their health and disability benefits. Merle hails from Dale K. Graham Veterans Foundation in OK where he successfully assisted veterans in obtaining their Veteran benefits.

More Healing Services

Healing Heroes works with several companies to provide neuromodulation technologies free to Veterans and Veterans with VA benefits. Our partner Mountain View Physiatry helps Veterans access their VA benefits for GammaCore, Harvard Medtech (and soon to come eNeura)

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The Apollo is a wearable neuro-modulation device that gently vibrates in specific patterns. Extensive clinical research has shown Apollo calms the nervous system, restores heart rate variability, increases energy, improves mood, sleep, and ability to think more clearly and has been "a game changer" for Veterans. ApolloNeuro is available for free to Healing Heroes participants and is also  available to purchase here at a special discounted rate for anyone using this link. ApolloNeuro donates purchase proceeds to Healing Heroes. 

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This simple device heals so much. PTSD, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, TBI, IBS ... by stimulating an important nerve pathway, that calms the whole nervous system - the vagal nerve. 

Our Medical Director, Dr. B

can prescribe

this for Veterans with VA Benefits.

Healing Heroes is also working on creating a free program for Veterans to access the over the counter version of GammaCore called TruVaga.

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This Virtual Reality treatment can be done at home to help overcome physical and emotional trauma. The program uses VR and well researched behavorial health interventions to address physical pain and mood symptoms such as PTSD, anxiety, depression and sleep issues. The program and device can be prescribed by Dr. B and is free to Veterans with VA benefits.

Healing Together...


Having been injured in combat in Afghanistan, for Phil,"It was the first time I felt heard," working with Dr. B.

Phil and his family took part in the free Healing Heroes integrative rehabilitation program at the Kroc center specifically designed for Phil and his family to meet their needs in understanding and healing from TBI. 


Our experience with you ... in finally being heard,

being helped, gave us Hope!


We are so glad you are out there making a difference and meeting the needs of Veterans who often times

feel hurt, rejected, broken ...


Thank you!"

Renee, Phil's Wife

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